Preferred Conventional Lenders

Below you will find our contact list of the best preferred lenders and additional resources that will help you scale your Real Estate Investment business here in Memphis, TN.

Greg Iverson
Bank of Springfield
Phone: 314-658-9400 | Mobile: 636-751-1068 |
As a real estate investor of 15 years, I pride myself on viewing a turn-key investment property from your standpoint. It is more than a mortgage, it is your financial future. I want to be on your team as you and your family pursue financial freedom.

Shannon Eney
Mutual of Omaha Mortgage
Cell: 206-979-1876 | |

I have 18 years’ experience, and am there to guide you seamlessly through the loan process. I can help you with conventional financing utilizing my own in house underwriters working to get the deal done. My incredible referral base speaks to the amount of care I give to each transaction. Licensed in 49 states, I am able to give you the flexibility you want. The loan options are endless; I can help customers that are foreign nationals, no doc/no income, 10+ financed properties, self-employed – bank statement income, plus commercial from 500k – 150 million. Please share your goal with me and I will help you accomplish it!

Caeli Ridge
Ridge Lending Group
Toll Free 855.74.RIDGE (74343) | Direct 503.244-4161 | Fax 503.821.7797 |

What separates Caeli Ridge and Ridge Lending from any other lender, is her extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of real-estate finance and her continued commitment to providing personal attention and customer service (that still means something at RLG), and as an educator to her clients and within the lending community.

Sheldon Smith
Bridge Capital

901.869.6603 Main ext. 4 | 901.338.7222 cell |
Non-recourse lender for international and IRA investing

Rick Woods
Financial Federal

Seasoned multi-family lender with decades of experience. Specializes in $1m to $50m loans

Cortney Newmans
Lima One Capitol
Specializes in portfolio loans for single-family home investors

Christopher J. Picciurro, CPA, MBA, PFS, ARA
Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Integrated Financial Group

How to Leverage your Retirement Accounts

Ramez Fakhoury

Infinite Banking

Ryan D. Lee
Owner & Founder, CashFlow Tactics & Atlas Wealth

Scott Saunders: