Around 36% of home buyers look for problem-free homes. In other words, more than one-third of people shopping for homes won’t buy houses that need work. 

This isn’t great news if you want to sell your home if it has problems or needs updates. But you can still sell your home fast if that’s your goal.

The question is, how do you sell your home fast? What can you do to ensure a quick sale? 

Here is a guide describing the top five tips to help you sell quickly.

1. Focus on a Positive First Impression

Do you realize that a person’s first impression of your home plays a huge role in your home sale? A negative image turns people off, and they might look for another home to buy.

However, a positive first impression might encourage a person to pursue your home. So, you can sell your home faster if you focus on creating a positive first impression for everyone that sees your property.

So how do you create a first impression? Here are a few ideas:

Boost Curb Appeal

People see your home’s curb appeal when they pull up to see your house. Therefore, you should work on your yard to improve its looks. A beautiful, well-manicured yard leads to positive impressions.

Improve the Front Porch

The first thing buyers see when entering your home is the front porch. So you could focus on cleaning your front porch and aiming for an inviting feel and look. 

Focus on Entryway

Additionally, people entering your home will first see the entryway. Therefore, improving what they see when they walk inside is also vital for creating positive first impressions.

You can learn more about the current state of the Memphis real estate market to discover other ways to improve the first impression people develop when seeing your house.

Making a positive first impression will likely help you find a buyer faster.

2. Fix and Update the Necessary Things

Homebuyers want turnkey properties, which means they don’t want to fix things in the homes they purchase. Knowing this can help you learn how to sell your house faster.

For example, is your kitchen outdated? If so, you might consider investing money into this room to update it. Updating it will attract more people, potentially leading to a faster sale. 

You might even consider getting a pre-listing home inspection to discover all your home’s flaws. After all, you’ll know what to focus on if you have a list of all the issues.

Fixing these things will cost some money. However, you’ll likely sell your house faster and for a higher selling price. Therefore, fixing things is probably worth the money. 

3. Declutter and Depersonalize

The next step involves cleaning your house, and you can focus on two primary things:


Clutter is never a positive thing when selling a home. On the contrary, it distracts and turns off buyers. However, you can eliminate these issues by decluttering your house.

Decluttering makes a home look neater and tidy, but it also makes a home look larger. You can work through your home room by room to declutter it. As you do this, you can throw things away or store things.

If necessary, you can rent a storage unit to hold your items while selling. 


Depersonalizing a home is another vital step. The goal of this step is to detach your family from the home. You can do this by removing family photos and unique items that buyers might not like or appreciate. 

When you detach your family from the home, buyers might be able to imagine living there and making it their home. As a result, you might find a buyer faster.

Selling homes is simpler when homeowners complete these two steps. 

4. Price It Right

If you talk to a real estate agent about selling a house quickly, they’ll likely stress the importance of pricing it right.

This is because the asking price significantly affects the number of buyers you attract and how quickly you receive an offer.

For example, if you list your home for the right price, you’ll get tons of calls for showings during typical real estate market conditions. However, you’ll get very few calls if you overprice it.

You could always sell your home instantly if you want by selling to a cash buyer. Home buyers that advertise “We Buy Houses” pay cash for all homes, even those with major flaws.

You can learn more about this by researching how to sell my house fast.

5. Hire the Right Real Estate Agent

Finally, you’ll sell quicker if you hire the right real estate agent, as some do a better job than others. So what should you look for when hiring an agent to sell your home?

First, you need one with experience. A seasoned agent knows the best strategies and has an effective network in place. 

Secondly, you need one that knows your area. For example, if you’re selling a house in the Memphis area, you need an agent who knows the Memphis area. 

Finally, you’ll want to find an agent with the right personality. After all, you’ll work with this agent for months. The process begins with listing your home but then progresses through many other steps.

Therefore, having an agent with a great personality is vital when selling a house. 

Sell Your Home Fast by Choosing the Right Agency 

Of course, you might do these things and still face challenges finding a buyer. So what else can you do to sell your home fast? You might want to talk to a real estate expert for help. 

Contact us at Memphis Investment Properties. We can help you sell your home quickly, and the process is simple. You can learn more about our services by visiting our website or calling us.