Did you know that 88% of homebuyers hire home inspectors when purchasing houses? So there’s a good chance the person offering to buy your house will also want a home inspection.

The downside with home inspections is they can reveal problems and flaws sellers don’t know about. The deal might even fall through if the issues are too severe.

However, there’s a solution that might help – a pre-listing home inspection. Choosing a pre-listing inspection is helpful for home sellers, and here is a guide illustrating some of the top benefits of pre-listing assessments.

Learn the Flaws

A home inspection is a service a trained inspector completes, and the goal is to find a house’s flaws and issues. Home buyers get these to protect themselves when investing in properties.

However, you can get one before listing your home to learn the flaws. Therefore, one primary benefit of getting this service before listing is learning the flaws.

You won’t have to wait for a buyer’s inspector to tell you. Instead, you get to learn them before listing. 

But why is it important to know the flaws? As you continue reading, you’ll learn more about the value of knowing the flaws. However, the primary benefit is to avoid being caught off-guard when trying to close the deal. 

Fix the Flaws Before Listing Your House

When you know the flaws before selling your house, you have the chance to fix them. Additionally, you won’t have to guess which areas to focus on with your updates and repairs. Instead, you’ll have a list.

The home inspector writes a report after completing a pre-listing home inspection and gives it to the homeowner. Therefore, you’ll have a report that lists every flaw the inspector found.

You can take this list and start working on the issues. Of course, you don’t have to fix everything. However, fixing the major issues might be helpful.

Fixing these issues might help you sell your home fast, as buyers won’t have to contend with issues they find in your house.

Instead, you’ll come across as a trustworthy seller, as your home won’t have many unaddressed problems. If you want a faster sale, this is a great way to achieve it.

Use It in Your Listing

When you decide to sell your home, one of the first steps is hiring a real estate agent to list the property for you.

Real estate agents write home listings when homeowners hire them to sell their properties, and these listings attract buyers. A good listing contains many details, including your home’s unique features and perks.

If you get a pre-listing home inspection, you can include this in your listing. A listing that states this is attractive to buyers. Buyers feel a sense of trust in a home seller willing to pay for a pre-listing inspection.

As a result, you might sell your home faster by stating that you had a pre-listing inspection in your home listing. Of course, you can also add other qualities to the listing that might help you sell your home faster. 

Your agent will know how to write a good listing and what to include, so it might be helpful to take their advice.

Buyer’s Inspections Will Be Better

After accepting an offer, the buyer will ask to do a few things. For example, they’ll likely ask to get a home inspection. Even though you already had one, they might want their own, and you should expect this to happen.

The benefit is that the buyer’s inspection will be shorter and have fewer problems. After all, if you fix the issues your inspector found, the next inspector should find fewer problems. 

As a result, the buyer might feel more confident about purchasing your home, and you’ll have fewer problems to negotiate. 

Many home sellers face challenging negotiations after the home inspections, mainly because inspections can reveal many serious issues. You won’t have to worry about this if you get an inspection before listing the real estate.

Reduces Risks of Sale Falling Through 

Another benefit of fixing the issues in your pre-listing home inspection is it reduces the risks of your sale falling through. 

When a buyer discovers that a home has many problems, they might get cold feet. They might try to convince the seller to pay for the repairs, or they might not want to negotiate at all.

The worst thing that can happen is the buyer could back out of the deal, leaving you without a sale. Believe it or not, this happens often. Buyers back out of home purchases when they discover too many major flaws.

You can learn more about the selling process to understand how this works.

Protects Selling Price

Finally, getting a pre-listing home inspection protects your selling price. 

When someone offers to buy your home, they offer an amount. However, they might ask you to agree to a lower amount if the inspection finds problems and flaws.

In this case, you might have to agree to the buyer’s demands to close the deal. Therefore, you’ll earn less money on the home sale than originally planned.

You won’t have this issue if you get an inspection before listing your home. Of course, you’ll need to address the main issues the inspector finds to protect your selling price.

If you get an inspection and fix the problems, the buyer won’t have to negotiate for repairs. 

Get a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Getting a pre-listing home inspection is smart for anyone who wants to sell their home. Another smart move is to hire an experienced real estate agent to help with your home sale.

Are you ready to list your home or learn more about selling?

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