Real estate in Memphis has seen a 5.1% increase in value since 2020. This is just one reason why investors are choosing Memphis neighborhoods as their next investment opportunity. The city is attractive for investors thanks to its diversity and expansive cultural scene. 

Memphis has so much to offer in terms of real estate investment. It has a huge variety of schools, offices, and cultural areas. Memphis’ growing job market is another reason people are so attracted to the city. 

You can find out more about the best places to invest in Memphis Real estate below. 


Bartlett is a small city that borders Memphis. It’s a great place to invest in real estate, as it offers all the advantages of a city without feeling too large or overcrowded.

Investing in Bartlett real estate is a good way to avoid higher city prices. It is also close to schools and has excellent commuter services in Memphis. If you’re considering investing in real estate in Bartlett, you may wish to look into renting to families or young professionals. 


Midtown Memphis is a neighborhood that should be on every real estate investor’s list. Filled to the brim with cultural spots like The Memphis Zoo, art museums, and high-quality restaurants, few people wouldn’t want to live in Midtown. This makes it the ideal spot for real estate investment. 

Real estate prices in Midtown generally come to over $200,000. However, this is fairly reasonable considering everything Midtown has to offer.

Many Midtown properties also have basements pre-installed. This is an attractive feature for anyone wishing to get into Memphis real estate. Basements can be kitted out to provide a building with extra storage or extra bedrooms. 

Lauderdale Courts/ Winchester Park

Lauderdale Courts/ Winchester Park is a well-known area in Memphis thanks to the King of Rock and Roll himself, Elvis Presley. Presley lived here from 1949 to 1953 with his family. This is often cited as the place where he truly began to see himself as a performer.

It’s for this reason that Lauderdale Courts is popular amongst real estate investors in Memphis. It is an area full of creativity and history. Plus, it is close enough to the busiest spots of Memphis to keep anyone entertained. 

Housing tends to be reasonably affordable, with most buildings valued at around $185,000. This makes the area a great investment opportunity.

Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens makes for a great investment property neighborhood in Memphis. It’s just a 15-minute drive from the busy world of Downtown Memphis, yet it is surrounded by stunning green parts that provide a break from the city as needed. 

Housing prices usually fall between $155,000 to $175,000, making it an exceptionally cheap option for real estate investors. Much of the real estate in Kensington Gardens is one story, making it ideal for small families or single-occupancy tenants. 

The neighborhood is also very close to Memphis International Airport. This makes it ideal for residents who may travel often for work but wish to avoid a long drive back home at the end of their trip.

Olive Branch

Olive Branch is full of real estate investment opportunities. However, prospective homes almost always get snatched up within a week of going on the market, so it’s important to buy early. This highly desirable area offers a scenic respite from other areas of the city.

It’s also close to several leading Memphis schools and has its own airport for convenient foreign travel. Prices for properties vary widely in Olive Branch. The lowest is usually around $170,000, while the most expensive can go for as much as $600,000. 

Hickory Hills

Hickory Hills comprises a large amount of East Memphis. It’s located right beside Highway 382, making it exceptionally easy to get to other parts of Memphis. 

There is plenty to do in Hickory Hills. It’s full of shopping malls, restaurants, parks, and even professional services like accounting and attorney offices. 

Hickory Hills is an ideal neighborhood for any kind of real estate investor. Prices for real estate fluctuate between $70,000 and $300,000 depending on the property type and how the market is doing at the time of purchase. 


Vollintine-Evergreen is part of Midtown Memphis. The neighborhood comes with an abundant past that makes it a truly special part of Memphis life. It’s an area surrounded by greenery, making it an excellent refuge for anyone who needs to escape city life without sacrificing any convenient amenities. 

There is a huge variety of real estate investment opportunities available in Vollintine-Evergreen. From cottage-like bungalows to modern condos, real estate investors will almost certainly find exactly what they’re looking for in this beautiful Memphis neighborhood. 

Property is normally on offer for between $100,000 and $500,000 in Vollintine-Evergreen. However, these prices could change depending on the kind of property you are looking for.


Germantown is a nice suburban part of Memphis. Compared to the city’s other neighborhoods, it is not hugely built up and certainly not overcrowded. This makes it an attractive real-estate opportunity. 

Germantown was founded by German immigrants, and the style of houses available reflects German culture. The area itself is very scenic. It is also close to many different kinds of convenient amenities, such as schools, restaurants, and shopping malls.

Real-estate prices vary throughout Germantown. Homes generally start around $300,000 and can rise sharply into the millions. However, the quality of the buildings in Germantown is second to none, making it ideal for investors. 

Cooper Young

Cooper Young is a neighborhood ideal for investors seeking something different. It is an incredible art and culture-focused area of Memphis, making it perfect for creatives and those who want to experience the beating heart of the city. 

Artisanal coffee shops and quirky craft stores line the streets of Cooper Young. There’s never a dull moment in the electric neighborhood. 

Cooper Young is also one of Memphis’ most affordable areas. Real-estate prices can begin at as low as $50,000. Prices may go as high as $500,000, but there is plenty of real estate on the market for much cheaper in Cooper Young.


Cordova is one of Memphis’ most accessible neighborhoods. It’s built upon traditional community values and is an exceptionally friendly part of the city. This is an attribute some real-estate investors fail to prioritize, but it really does matter to the people who live there.

The Wolfchase Galleria, the largest shopping mall in the city, is very close to Cordova. This means anything someone living in Cordova could ever need is right at their doorstep. 

The average price of a property in Cordova is £290,000. There are various kinds of buildings available to purchase in this neighborhood, including apartments and houses. 


Whitehaven is where Graceland, Elvis Presley’s former mansion, is situated. This makes it a real tourist hotspot in Memphis, as people come from far and wide to get a glimpse of the rock sensation’s former home. 

The attractiveness of Whitehaven also makes it a great place to invest in real estate. It’s an area that doesn’t suffer from idleness too often. Whitehaven is comprised of many different kinds of real estate, including houses and apartments.

Real estate in Whitehaven usually costs between $90,000 to $400,000. This makes it quite an affordable investment opportunity. 


Buildings and houses get snapped up fast in Hernando. Most properties available in this neighborhood don’t stay on the market for more than a week. 

Hernando is popular due to its proximity to the center of Memphis. This spectacular neighborhood is also close to schools and shops, making it accessible for all those who live there.

Housing prices in Hernando usually cost around $300,000. There is a wide range of property kinds available throughout the neighborhood. These include bungalows, flats, and larger two-story homes suitable for families. 

East Memphis

East Memphis is a modern, youthful neighborhood close to The University of Memphis. Because of this, it has a high student population. This also means that the area is both picturesque and well-maintained. 

East Memphis doesn’t keep up with the same pace as Downtown, but it is still full of life and is home to a pleasant community. There are also plenty of parks and greenery to be enjoyed in this student-oriented neighborhood.

Property prices start at around $230,000. The area is well-equipped and full of shops and restaurants. It is also easily accessible between other parts of the city, making it a perfect opportunity for any real estate investor. 

Invest in the Most Up-and-Coming Memphis Neighborhoods

Memphis neighborhoods offer some of the best real estate investment opportunities in North America. Memphis is a city full of life and opportunity, so getting in on its real estate investment market is a great idea. 

From Whitehaven to Kensington Gardens, there is something for everyone in Memphis. Depending on what your investment goals are, you could purchase properties near schools, bustling nightlife, or surrounded by parks and nature. When you buy an investment property in Memphis, it certainly won’t take long to fill it. 

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